I like numbers, and since I failed to keepĀ up with taking photos of my kiddos each week and posting them, I just thought I’d share this number with you: 730. Our kids have been home with us for 730 days. You probably think that’s a weird thing to know, right? Well, I know it because two years ago today, 730 days, to be exact, we brought home our tiny twins for the first time, 78 days after they were born.

This day is almost as meaningful for me as their birthday. This was the day I began to truly feel like a mom. It has not been an easy job but it is a job I wouldn’t trade for anything. Our kids have gone from just under and just over 3 pounds each, to almost 20 pounds each. They have learned how to breathe, how to eat, how to walk, run, talk and say the alphabet. They were born 9 weeks early, and though their time in the hospital seemed like it would never end, it almost feels like we were never there.

I went to the hospital yesterday to run an errand and cried on my way home. I cried because our childrenĀ are so, so lucky to have received the best care and the most compassion when they were born. The nurses and doctors who cared for our children made it possible for me to be a mom and for Patrick to be a dad. How do you thank someone for giving you the greatest gift you’ve ever received?




After. (Thank you, Rylan, for insisting on wearing a clip in your hair during our photo shoot.)

Here’s last year’s post on our February 25th homecoming one year anniversary.